Our Pastor

Martin Bunkum married Sharon in 1982 and they have three children Helen, Colin, and Kevin. Martin has been a committed Christian since 1979 and was brought up within the Methodist Church, training to be an accredited local preacher in 1983. He worked with his Father on the family farm until 1991 when the farm was sold and he went into full time ministry with the Methodist church at Looe. Three years later he helped set up Grace Community Church and was a Pastor until 1999. He was fully ordained into the ministry by I.G.O. (International Gospel Outreach) in 1994.  Due to marriage difficulties he stepped out of pastoral ministry and ran his own building and gardening business for seven years. He then was asked to run a church plant from G.C.C. at Torpoint. Meanwhile Sharon trained in child care and is at present deputy manager of a preschool where she enjoys working with the under-fives.

At Easter 2012 Martin was asked by two independent churches Torpoint Christian Fellowship and Cleerway Church to give them pastoral cover. Having resigned from the Grace family of churches he resumed his building and gardening and accepted the pastoral roles offered. Martin and Sharon have a ministry of restoration and welcome people from all walks of life to the churches they pastor. They believe that no one is too bad or difficult for Jesus to help. There is hope for everyone, and they have seen and experienced first-hand the transforming power of God at work. Martin has extensive experience in listening and counselling and understands that people need to be accepted just as they are, if God wants them to change that will normally happen slowly. He believes that God is never in a hurry. He has a great desire to reach out to people who would not normally set foot inside of church. Jesus spent so much of his time with marginalised people sharing God’s love with them. Martin says that he believes God wants the church to put love into action and find real ways of caring. He believes that action plus prayer is the way we can help improve the local community.

Martin is a Street Pastor and is on the Plymouth Street Pastor board. He is also a trustee of SALT  (Sexual abuse listening therapy) and is active in working with other churches and community groups.  He is Chairman of Churches Together.

Martin and Sharon live in Liskeard; you can contact them on 01579 343539 or email mbunkum@hotmail.com