We meet every Sunday at the Council Chambers in Torpoint.  Services commence at 10.30am.  There is free parking available within the nearby Sainsbury’s carpark.

We offer an informal “café” style of worship with modern songs led by our music group of guitars and vocals.  You will be welcomed with a cup of tea or coffee and we hope you stay for another drink and a chat at the end of our service which is typically one to one and a half hours in duration.

Someone may share part of their life story and how their faith in Jesus has helped them.  There is usually a children’s story time and everyone looks forward to this part of the service. With our local mission emphasis we try to keep you up to date on what is happening locally and encourage you to get involved in local events.

We have a short message from the Bible challenging us to live like Jesus. Our prayer time in the service may be leader led or open.  Private prayer time is available at the end of our services with our pastor or one of the other leaders.

•  Fellowship

•  Worship

•  Prayer

•  Mission

•  Testimonies

•  Children’s time

•  Bible message

•  Private prayer

In the summer Torpoint Christian Fellowship often take their Sunday Service into the great outdoors and down to Benodet Park. There they sit in the open air and listen to the service and the Worship band. This is a great way of showing the people of Torpoint community a modern church in action in a non-threatening environment. Just sit in the park and appreciate God’s Word surrounded by nature. As the open air service is around midday why not bring a picnic. Teas, coffee and bacon rolls are served free. All are welcome to come and see a service. Dates and times will be announced nearer the Spring.