Local Outreach

Local outreach is vital to a local church. God loves everyone not just the people who go to worship on the Sunday morning. There are many people in our community who need help, and to hear the gospel not just by words but also through action! Jesus went out into His community showing the love of his Farther. In todays’ world good honest neighbourhood help with Christian love seems to be more of a rare thing. Whilst this ministry at the moment is in its infancy, we can point out the Street Pastor ministry now working in our community.


Torpoint Street Pastors

Torpoint Street pastors were established in 2011 and are supported by all of the churches in Torpoint. We are on the streets from 10.00pm until 3.00am on a Friday night once in four weeks. Street pastor’s patrol in teams of four. At least two prayer pastors at Cornerstone Church, pray for the team and ready to call any back up that maybe needed. We are under the umbrella of Plymouth Street pastor’s who support us with training and supplies. If you would like to know more or get involved contact Martin email – mbunkum@hotmail.com


A local lad called Lenny has dedicated at least 15 years of his life to this mission. The mission is to set up a farm and to educate the Kosovars’ on how to farm and become self-sufficient for food. A generation of land workers was devastated during the war. They currently import approximately 90% of their food, before the war they used to produce about 90%. Many church teams have been sent out to help Lenny work the land and build a live in barn. More teams are hoping to go out in May and September and members of this church are hoping to take part. Collections are made in which to help fund this mission, all donations are gratefully received